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W R E S T L I N G   W I T H   V I R T U E

  1. Each parent and wrestler will be required to complete both a Waiver and Release prior to each practice.

  2. In said Waiver and Release, you will be required both to release liability for the risk of acquiring COVID-19, but also to confirm that your and all household members are not COVID positive and COVID-19 symptom free.

  3. If you or a family member become COVID-19 positive at any time after attending an event at WWV, you agree to immediately notify the Director, Brian Krenzelak at 412-296-1519.  We will not share your identity with other participants but will notify them that they may have been exposed.

  4. The temperature of every participant will be taken prior to every practice.  If a person’s temperature is above 100.4, they will be denied entry.  Therefore, please wait prior to leaving your wrestler to confirm that they do not have a temperature and can participate.

  5. There are no parents or other spectators permitted in the facility, unless your child is younger than 7 years of age.  If your child is under 7 you may remain but must wear a mask and maintain a social distance of 6 feet.

  6. You must reserve your spot for each session online prior to practice. 

  7. We are currently allowing a maximum of 12 wrestlers per session.

  8. You will be assigned one partner for each session.

  9. Coaches will have NO physical contact with any wrestler.

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