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Updated: Jul 15, 2018

It is that time of the year again, the National championships in Fargo, North Dakota! This is certainly one of the greatest tournaments we have in this country. Look at the links above to see how the wrestlers who make this step in their careers then progress through the NCAA ranks and beyond(Spencer Lee one of a few that did not wrestle here was obviously off winning world championships those years).

I am hoping to help promote these different styles of wrestling to the overall benefit of the serious wrestler. Focusing on techniques that can translate between them. Also, putting into the mindset and goal worksheet these caliber of tournaments. Pennsylvania statistically does well on the guys that do make the trip but would love to see about 2 or 3 more layers on our depth chart in Pa show up at these events.

Perhaps many do not even know that these National championships were brought to Fargo and tirelessly promoted by a Pa State Champ from Canonsburg, PA, home of one of the best public high school wrestling programs in the country Canon McMillan and in the hotbed of wrestling, the WPIAL. Arthur 'Bucky" Maughn. See below link:

Finally, not all wrestlers have dreams of wrestling in college or beyond but if you do then this tournament should be very near to the top of the list of goals to compete in! And even if you have other goals in this sport such as improving your strength/ conditioning, building self confidence, learning self defense, etc then the experience of this tournament would still be amazing. If nothing else when you return from this then tournaments you used to think were a big deal will become much more common in your mind and hopefully relax those nerves a bit and allow the progression in the sport become the focus and not just winning and losing.

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