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Freestyle Girls Nationals 2018 recap

So, I was back on the scene at a National level competition, this time at Freestyle Girls Nationals in Irving, Texas. Canon McMillan student/athlete Valarie Solorio competed at Schoolgirl 92 and North West student/ athlete Joelle Scott placed 4th at novice 75. In addition to being a student of mine, Valarie trains at various clubs including Quest School of Wrestling in Canonsburg, PA. Joelle receives training at Bad Karma wrestling club under the tutelage of Mark Steen who reached out to me to coach her in his absence at this event.

This was the first national level freestyle girls event I had ever coached at and was extremely impressed with many aspects of the event. The facility was great, the organization was excellent and the display of wrestling by these women and young ladies was extraordinary! I definitely plan on returning next year to help my students qualify for the USA national team and international competition to further their dreams of competing in the Olympics someday.

At the Wrestling With Virtue program I will be instituting a very serious freestyle and greco-roman program in preparation for future events like this, Fargo Nationals, NE Regional, and PA freestyle/ greco-roman state championships!

The girls also got to meet USA women's national freestyle coach Terry Steiner who does an outstanding job at that position. I got to have a nice conversation with him also about the direction that his program and women's wrestling in general is headed in the USA! One last note, would like to thank Coach Tom Tomeo of T3 wrestling who was also on hand to help at this event with many of our PA girls!

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