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First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated and helped to make the open house such an amazing success! There were over 100 in attendance and so many contributed in so many ways. I felt that the mission statement and the needs and goals of the program were clearly stated.

Upon completion of the evening I immediately departed for a 2 week pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain Athos. The goal of this pilgrimage was to further my own formation in the acquisition and application of the virtues necessary for a healthy and successful life in the highest sense. Mount Athos is a christian monastic community consisting of 20 main monasteries and countless cells which house over 2000 christian monks. These men dedicate their lives to God and all that he taught us through the centuries to help us find peace and salvation. They remain in continual prayer in the hope to intercede on the world's behalf to help us find healing from all the troubles and challenges that the world presents all of us. This was my 4th pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain and it is always with a sense of extreme humility that I approach the wisdom of God that these men seek everyday of their lives to acquire. I am eager moving forward to share more on these and many other experiences that such pilgrimages bring.

Furthermore, for many months I have been formulating a wrestling program which draws on my own over 2 decades of coaching and the many other great wrestlers and coaches which I have had the pleasure to come into contact with. I will be implementing a very thorough and concise plan in 3 styles of wrestling (folkstyle, freestyle, and greco-roman). I will be running my program very consistently 3 days a week and also will be having special guest clinicians coming in on other days to share their own knowledge in the various techniques that they have mastered and are to be passed on to the future generations to further them on their way to accomplish their own goals within the sport of wrestling. I have a passion and love of wrestling and will be sharing this with all who enter the Wrestling With Virtue program!

Finally, it is my utmost prayer and hope that no matter where my students go in life that they will have the necessary tools and skills to accomplish all of their own goals and that they will shine brightly the virtues to make the world we live in a better place every single day!

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