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Goal Achieving Strategies

We have talked a lot about setting goals(, using these goals as a foundation for decision making( and even managing our time in relation to these goals( But, how do we develop a realistic strategy to accomplishing these goals?

First of all, I tell my students: Our goals become our realities whenever we have envisioned them enough to develop a realistic strategy or a step by step process with which we have determined can lead us to accomplish what we have set out to do.

To truly discover the necessary steps you can begin to explore the paths of others who may have taken similar journeys and have accomplished the same goals. So ask yourself, have others accomplished these goals? If so, what were their methods? Then you may realize that there are people in the world who may be able to assist you either directly or indirectly in the accomplishing of your goals. So then, the next question you may want to ask is: Who can help me reach my goals? Then I highly suggest surrounding yourself with these people. They may be the ones who have accomplished these goals before you or they may be the ones who share the same goals. Another good question you may want to explore is: What qualities will I need to attain these goals? Research these qualities and start attaining them immediately! Finally, you will want to ask yourself: What are some things that can stop me from achieving my goals? Obviously, you may want to start to eliminate the things in your routines that can hold you back from accomplishing your goals.

In conclusion, to me a life without goals quickly becomes meaningless which is very dangerous in many ways. Set goals, write them down, make your decisions based on your own goals when you can, manage your time towards these goals as much as you can. And have a well thought out strategy or step by step plan on accomplishing your goals based on the above questions combined with the self knowledge you are gaining along the journey! The rest is just hard work and the perseverance to never give up.

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