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Greatest Camp Ever?

The Wrestling With Virtue Camp is shaping up to be the greatest camp ever in Canonsburg which for 90+ years has been known as a standout wrestling community! And with the wrestlers that are signing up it may be pushing to be one of the greatest ever, period. The clinicians are Anthony Cassar, Nico Megaludis, Chance Martsteller, and Tyler Reinhart. With 3 National Championships between them 9 All American statuses, 2 of them were finalist in this years US Open, 1 of them has wrestled in Worlds not to mention 8 State Championships between them...this is just the tip of the iceberg for them really. Keynote speaker is Richard Perry, US National Team member and the 2016 Rio Olympic games chosen workout partner of Kyle Snyder! Counselors are Connor Schram, Solomon Chishko, Cody Wiercioch, Colton Shorts, Job Chishko, Micah Kusturiss and Malachi Krenzelak. So add another couple All American statuses and another 7 State Championships. There is even a rumor that we will get to see a best of 3 takedowns between Marsteller and Wiercioch to settle the most famous match in Powerade history.

The date of the camp is Saturday, June 1. The cost is $100 for current WWV members and $110 for non-members. There will be a $10 price increase in 1 week. Camp cutoff is 100 wrestlers and/or May 29. There will be no walk ins. We have about 68 wrestlers signed up as of right now. Each wrestler that attends the camp will receive a camp shirt, lunch, pics/autographs from the clinicians/counselors, 3 technique sessions, 1 fitness/nutrition session given by our fitness staff and 1 goal setting/ planning session given by our coaching staff.

Camp set up will be the following: the 100 wrestlers will be divided into groups of 20 which will then be assigned 2 counselors who will stick with their particular group all day. I believe this will maximize the amount of hands on technique instruction the wrestlers will receive as they will have the clinician teaching and the counselors assisting on a 3/20 ratio. The groups will also be divided by age and experience for the most part so that each group can be targeted by the clinician to appropriate levels of instruction. We will have 2 full mats in our upstairs gym, our mat room, auditorium and fitness room in full use all day. Closing ceremonies will begin around 6 pm and will include a highlight video, the Martsteller/ Wiercioch live go, and the speech given by Richard Perry among other surprises. The closing ceremonies will be opened to the public and anyone not attending the camp can receive pics and autographs for a $5 fee. Full schedule can be found on the online registration.

Some interesting links involving this camps clinicians and speaker:

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