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Lessons from an Elder on the Holy Mt.

For parents, teachers and coaches: With prayer and sanctity you can help children. The grace of God can overshadow children and make them good. Respond to the love of the children with discernment. And once they love you, you will be able to lead them to Christ. You will become the means. Let your love be genuine.

Don't just love them in a human way, as parents usually do. This does not necessarily help them. Love in prayer, love in Christ. This is truly beneficial. Pray for each child. Before you enter contact with the children, pray. When you see the children, embrace the children with your gaze, pray and then start your lesson, offering your whole self. By making this offering, you will be filled with joy. And in this way both you and the children will be sanctified. You will live in the love of Christ!

The medicine and great secret for children's progress is humility. Trust in God gives perfect security. Without humility neither we nor the children will achieve anything good. Be careful when you encourage children. You shouldn't say to a child ' You're great, you're perfect etc' but rather teach them to pray for the strength to use the talent God has Blessed them with to cultivate good and to succeed.

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