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A large part of the responsibility of for a person's state of existence lies within the family. For children to be released from various inner problems that they will encounter it is not enough for them to receive good advice, or to be compelled by force; nor do logical arguments or threats do any good. These things actually make matters worse. Children want to have saintly people by their side, that is, people with lots of love who will neither intimidate or lecture them, but who will provide through a good example. When children misbehave you will take some disciplinary measures but you will not coerce them. Above all, parents need to pray.

What saves and makes for good children is the life of the parents in the home. The parents need to devote themselves to love. They need to demonstrate mildness, patience and love. Make a new start everyday with a fresh outlook, renewed enthusiasm and love for their children. And with this, joy will come, holiness will visit them, and grace will be showered on the children.

Generally the parents are to blame for the bad behaviour of the children. And their behaviour is not improved by reprimands, disciplining, or strictness. If the parents themselves do not pursue a life of holiness, they make great mistakes and transmit their own faults to the children. When the parents do not pursue a holy life and do not display love towards each other then evil torments the parents with the reactions of the children. Love, harmony and understanding between the parents are what is required for the children. This is what provides a great sense of security and certainly.

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