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Last night was interviewed by Joe Williamson "Joe Flo" of flowrestling (national wrestling coverage) who has an expanded site called growrestling. I did this interview along side my good friend Mike Krause. It was a new experience for me but was certainly fun. During the interview Joe asked if I could elaborate on why I bring Coach Krause in and could I pinpoint some things that stick out to me about Krause. As I now reflect on this I would say the biggest underlying factor to me is he is a motivator whose presence brings instant attention to the point at hand through the sport that both he and I love, the sport of wrestling!

Once when I was on a pilgrimage on the Holy Mountain I was given a lesson on motivation. And it went something like this: the elder explained to me that there are only 3 motivations that exist in this world, FEAR, REWARD and LOVE. He then used the analogy of raising children pointing out that when a child is young parents will often use punishment or fear as a motivation perhaps grounding or the taking away of a privilege and then as they get older perhaps a parent will move into a bribing or reward sort of way to motivate, for example, if you do what I ask I will buy you that something you have been asking for, and finally the motivating factor of love where hopefully as the child matures he will begin to understand how much his parents love him and will do things for them in an effort to return that love. After, I received this lesson I have put these 3 motivating factors up against anything that I feel I want to do asking myself what is my motivation and although fear and reward have a place in this world, I have really tried to just stick to the things in which I am motivated by love!

First and foremost, I am a christian because I recognize how much Christ loved us by his self emptying for our our peace and salvation and I am trying my best to return that love through my church involvement, prayer life and by loving my fellow human beings. Secondly, I am a husband and a father and daily through love am working to be the best version of those two responsibilities that I can possibly be through my example and by doing my best to meet the needs of my wife and children, and lastly I am a citizen in the community, a wrestling coach a solar panel installer both of which I truly love doing because I really feel that in by doing both I am having a positive impact on the world in which we all live.

So to wrap up this current blog, I want to encourage everyone when faced with decisions of how you will spend your time, talent and treasure(not to be wasted because you never know when they may run out) to begin this process by asking yourself "Where is my motivation for this coming from?" It is a great starting point I have found and sometimes when examining myself I have realized in the past I had made poor decisions based on fear and reward either directly or indirectly and humbly speaking of course feel that part of the better decisions I feel I am making these days is because I am cultivating my love of what is good and beneficial for myself and probably more importantly others and choosing to put my time, talent and treasure into that which is motivated by this LOVE!


Enjoy the video:

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