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PROG'RESS, noun [Latin progressus, progedior; pro and gradior, to step or go. See Grade and Degree.]

1. A moving or going forward; a proceeding onward. A man makes a slow progress or a rapid progress on a journey; a ship makes slow progressagainst the tide. He watched the progress of the army on its march, or the progress of a star or comet.

2. A moving forward in growth; increase; as the progress of a plant or animal.

3. Advance in business of any kind; as the progress of a negotiation; the progress of arts.

4. Advance in knowledge; intellectual or moral improvement; proficiency. The student is commended for this progress in learning; the christian for his progress in virtue and piety.

5. Removal; passage from place to place.

From Egypt arts their progress made to Greece.

6. A journey of state; a circuit.

PROGRESS', verb intransitive To move forward in space; to pass; to proceed.

Let me wipe off this honorable dew

That silverly doth progress on thy cheeks.

--Although the popular blast

Hath rear'd thy name up to bestride a cloud,

Or progress in the chariot of the sun.

1. To proceed; to continue onward in course.

After the war had progressed for some time.

2. To advance; to make improvement.

Philippians 3:12-13

Pressing Toward the Goal

12 Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me. 13 Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead

Just as people do not enter a war in order to enjoy war, but in order to be saved from war, so we do not enter this world in order to enjoy this world, but in order to be saved from it. People go to was for the sake of something greater than war. So we also enter this temporal life for the sake of something greater: for eternal life. And as soldiers think with joy about returning home, so also Christians constantly remember the end of their lives and their return to their heavenly fatherland. (St. Nicholas of Serbia, Thoughts on Good and Evil)


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