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Random Thoughts 11 weeks in...

What a first summer of existence for WWV as a program!!! Often when I am coming home from nights on the mat at WWV, I recollect the movie Field of Dreams where the actor states "if you build it, they will come..". For I have witnessed 3X National Champ Bo Nickal form Penn State University come in twice, 2X National Finalist Bryce Meredith from Wyoming fly in for a camp. Little did I know these two were friends since childhood and I would have them in for events at WWV. But, God works in ways mysterious to our own knowledge many times and many times we just have to remain prayerful and allow God's will to be done.

We are consistently having current college coaches in the room. I have also seen many wrestling alumni both still competing beyond the high school level in wrestling and retired from the competitive mats show up with wrestling shoes on. We even had a current NFL player come in who also wrestled very successfully and run a wrestling practice pointing out the similarities and transitions from wrestler to football athlete and also sharing in the experiences of transitioning from youth to high school to college and beyond in athletics and academics and beyond...

And besides all of the great wrestling that we have witnessed in the room...the most welcoming Blessing we have received is the testimonies that we have witnessed at this youth for Christ campus: Bo Nickal, Bryce Meredith, Isaac Reid, Brendan Furman, Michael Hull, and many more all have given Glory to God and related to the younger student-athletes their experiences in athletics, in academics and in Life! These talks have inspired and strengthened all in attendance in their own pursuit of spiritual, mental and physical development and improvement.

Thanks to all who have participated in the many things both seemingly small and great that have contributed to the existence of this program!

All Glory to God for all Good Things!

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