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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Reopening delayed (hopefully next week)

We at the Wrestling With Virtue program will first of all like to extend a huge thank you for both your patience and continued support through these very challenging and unprecedented times we all find ourselves in.

Next, as some of you are aware of, I have been working hard towards a July 1 reopening. I have fervently stayed up to date with all of the USA Wrestling recommendations, and of course, all local and state laws and/or mandates. Finally, I have been in communication with the excellent group that manages the building itself. I have voiced to them all of the procedures that I will implement to return our service to the public. They have responded that they are comfortable with the steps I am taking in regards to this matter. I am now at the stage where I am submitting this in writing to await their complete board approval.

I want to return to action as much as anyone but I also want to do as much as humanly possible to provide a safe and healthy environment. Upon approval, I will then release the protocol procedures we will be implementing to the public. It is our earnest desire to open as soon as possible. Possibly and hopefully next week.

Furthermore, I am not looking to open any doors to debate anything at all about covid-19, masks, social distancing, and/or anything political. Nor am I looking to compare our program to anything other programs may or may not be doing. My only wish is to offer this service to the community as quickly and safely as possible.

Finally, look for dates, times and the aforementioned procedures to be released immediately upon approval of the building management group who has been more than gracious to us in our couple year history working together at this site.

Thank You Once Again,

Coach Slack

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