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To See What is Right...

I have been talking a lot to the students about decision making. One thing I have repeatedly said to them "to see what is right and not do it, is a lack of courage!"

We are all faced with many choices throughout each day of our lives and it is these very decisions that we make which ultimately determine our lives. When it comes to a decision making strategy I have given my students a very simple formula.

And it starts with setting goals:

Which direction are you going?

(! Every person no matter their age should have goals, these goals can be in many forms: daily, mid term, long term for example, athletic, academic and life goals for another example. Once we have established some goals then decision making becomes much easier. When faced with a choice we just refer to our goals and then decide whether the choice I am about to make is going to help or hurt our pursuit of the above mentioned goals. If it helps then perhaps it is a choice we should follow up on and if it in anyway hurts our chances of succeeding in our own goals we have set then clearly we should avoid wasting our time and setting ourselves back. The older and more mature we get hopefully the more we realize how precious time really is and our personal management of this time ( is almost always the main factor in our success and failures.

Of course, there will also be decisions, sometimes split second, that we may be faced with and these may have nothing to do with our goals...these types of moments of decision making to me are made easier when we have a clear value system. So in these moments my advice is to have the courage and the strength to make the hard decisions and the love and humility to make the right decisions!

"Right now I make the choices but in the end these choices make me"

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